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 Introduction - this guide is a work-in-progress

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PostSubject: Introduction - this guide is a work-in-progress   Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:00 am


Welcome to Evony!

Evony is a war game; But before you get excited with the prospect of controlling a character and whipping someone's butt (like World of Warcraft), it not like that style at all. You have no characters to control (in that sense) and you don't visit other people's cities. In fact you don't see any other people in the game - except maybe your little workers working on buildings.

There will be some screenshots throughout this guide.

I'm going to organise the guide into sections so you can skip to the relevant bits if you so wish..

You can play Evony as you wish. There is no pre-defined order of play. It IS advisable, however, to make your way through the in-game quests to get yourself started.

**Please note that the guide is still under construction.**
Feel free to post any questions or things you'd like to see added.
You can PM me in-game too - send your message to Jacamanda on server 6.
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Introduction - this guide is a work-in-progress
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