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 Register, Login and Create Character

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PostSubject: Register, Login and Create Character   Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:10 am

Register, Login and Create Character

Difference between registering and logging in
Firstly, you'll need to know the difference between registering and logging in. I see some newbie's in Beginner's Chat complaining because they started the game, gained a fair chunk of prestige and when they came to login again, they had to start all over again because they had to re-register.

A simple mistake to make is to revisit the registration screen again instead of the login screen. There are two (to my knowledge) screens that you can use to login, this one being the more common:
The link to this one is http://www.evony.com/index.do. If you bookmark http://www.evony.com then you'll return to the registration screen.

The other login area is this:

I find that I MAY get redirected here after refreshing the page. The link to this one is: http://6.evony.com (the number in this link represents the server on which you registered; In this example, server 6). You might find you only ever get here once you've already logged in and need to refresh for whatever reason.

Logging in/Creating a character
When you login, enter your login information (email address and password) then on the next step select the server or world in which you originally started to play. If you select a different server or world, you'll be redirected to the Create Character screen.

If you're yet to create a character, do so now. Select your gender and your nickname or Lord name (for females the title is Lady, but Lord is still the descriptive term). Choose an avatar - character picture - and give a name for your city.

The flag can only be four characters long. When you click on the World Map in-game, the cities are displayed along with their flags. For those people who leave their flag name as "Flag", their cities are displayed like this:
Some people choose to set their flags as "noob". Many alliances will ask people to change their flags so that your city can be identified as being within that alliance. Regardless of how many cities you own (you can have up to 10 cities in Evony), your flags will all be the same.

The World Map and it's States
Your last task in creating a character is to select the state in which to play. Evony has 16 states in which to play. Although you see a large country surrounded by a large body of water in that create a character screen, you won't ever actually reach that water! Evony is a wrap around world consisting of 16 equal-sized squares that make up the states. The world of Evony is a grid which looks like this:

The above grid differs in the different servers and worlds - some are larger than others.

So, select a state in which to play and you'll start somewhere randomly placed within that state. If you don't wish to select a state, the system will simply place you randomly within the entire World. You can determine where you've been placed in-game, on the World Map.

Meet Newbie!
For the purposes of creating this guide, I'm going to create a new character on server 6, called Newbie, and I'm going to place her somewhere in the state of Bohemia.
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Register, Login and Create Character
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