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 Getting Started with Beginner's Protection and Claiming the Newbies Package

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PostSubject: Getting Started with Beginner's Protection and Claiming the Newbies Package   Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:30 am

Getting Started with Beginner's Protection and Claiming the Newbies Package

Here is my character, Newbie, up and running for the first time:

[Edit: The button under the list of resources no longer reads Buy. It now reads Get More Resources].

Click on the World Map button to view your city on the World Map:

On the World Map, Noobville looks like this:

For privacy purposes the flags of the other players have been blanked out. The flags for all your cities will be yellow.

As you can see, hover the mouse over your city and a little information box will show some of your information, including your city coordinates. Your coordinates are also shown next to your city name under your avatar. The coords for Noobville are 747,33.

Click on your city while on the World Map and you'll display a more detailed information box - one which displays which state your in - handy if you didn't select a specific state and opted to be placed randomly within the entire World.
This shows:

  • Your Lord (or Lady) name
  • How much Prestige you currently have (you can increase this by constructing buildings, completing research, training troops, completing quests, etc)
  • How much Honor you currently have (you can increase this by winning battles and successfully defending against attacks)
  • The alliance you're currently in (your in-game family)
  • Your player status ("Beginner" means you're under the 7-day Beginner's Protection)
  • The state in which your city landed

Beginner's Protection
Beginner's Protection, or BP for short, lasts for 7-days. It means you have seven days in which to build your city without worrying about attacks to it. It also means, however, that you can't go out and make your own attacks on others either. You can prematurely end this protection period by upgrading your Town Hall to level 5 but it isn't advised.

Free Packages
To get you started, Evony has prepared a Newbies Package for all newbies, which is FREE Smile Click the little yellow present icon at the top-left of the screen (marked in the yellow circle in the image below) to open up your Package Locker.
As you can see, most of the packages are locked to you and you can only claim the Newbies Package. Click on "Claim it" to get that package.

Your package is still full with items. All you've done is simply claimed the present. It's in your inventory. You still need to open it to actually claim what's inside. To do this, click on MY ITEMS under your avatar picture to open your inventory. The default tab is ITEMS (notice you already start with x5 Speakers and x5 game cent coins). Click the CHEST tab and here you'll see the Newbies package, all wrapped up still. Click on DETAIL and then click on APPLY.

If you then click on CLOSE, your Chest tab will be empty, but you'll now have items under the other tabs. Hover your mouse on the DETAIL buttons for the items to read a brief description.

So now you know about Beginner's Protection and how to claim the Packages.
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Getting Started with Beginner's Protection and Claiming the Newbies Package
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