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 Quests and Free Speed-Ups

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PostSubject: Quests and Free Speed-Ups   Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:35 am

Quests and Free Speed-Ups

Your first in-game messages will probably be from Evony - a welcome message and maybe a message about currently running promotions. Read (or don't read) them.

Put a tick in the box next to messages and click DELETE to delete them. NOTE: There is a game bug with this at the moment. Some people (not everyone) get the error message "Invalid mailing operation" when trying to delete messages. I assume Evony are aware of this and are working on it. I like it that messages from Evony can be, how long?! But your own messages are limited to just 500 characters! Rolling Eyes
EDIT: I think Evony may have fixed this bug. But just in case, I'll leave this bug description in the guide for now.

Aries Amulet Quest
Click on the QUESTS icon...

...to open up the Quest Window.

This was the very first window that was open to you when your game first started. According to the Quest Icon though, you have completed one quest. One quest, already? That would be the DAILY QUEST.

Click the DAILY QUEST tab, and a green tick is next to the DAILY GIFT quest, more specifically, the DAILY AMULET sub-quest.

Evony gives each and every player an Amulet to use on the Wheel of Fortune - every day! Click GET AWARD to claim your Amulet. Click back on the ROUTINE QUEST tab.

You have one main quest available to you at the moment - Rebuild. The Rebuild quest has two sub-quests: Cottage Building and Amulet. The quest description shown is for the Cottage Building sub-quest, so click to change it to the Amulet sub-quest, simply by clicking on the word "Amulet" in the left-hand side of the menu.

Here, you are basically asked to apply Aries Amulet. Once you've done this, you'll be able to claim the quest rewards for doing so.

So, how do you apply the Aries Amulet?
There are two ways. You can go to MY ITEMS, and find the Amulet under the CHEST tab, click on DETAIL and the APPLY.
You can click on the Wheel of Fortune icon...

...and apply one Amulet.

Either way, the Wheel of Fortune will pop up and begin to spin. Items won on this are totally random. Some items are great while others completely suck!

Lady Newbie's first wheel spin has given her a boost of Gold Very Happy It's applied instantly to my gold reserves but sometimes there can be a few second's delay. Now that I have applied the Amulet, you can see that another quest has been completed. Open the quest window and claim the award for applying the Amulet - one of the awards just happens to be a second Aries Amulet. So you can apply that one now, if you wish.

Building your first Cottage
The next to-do in your quest list will be to build a cottage. Whatever view you have active right now, you'll need the Town View - so click the TOWN button.

Your town will look like this:

You will have one Level 1 Town Hall. The square green patches of grass are areas on which you can build. You have 32 plots on which to build. Don't get bogged down with where to build things. It's not important. Plus, you can always tear buildings down later anyway.

Click a spare plot and your IN-TOWN BUILDING menu will pop up. This is list of all the buildings you can build. Some of them, such as the Forge and Inn, are one-time builds (meaning you can only build one of them in your city). When a one-time-build has been constructed, it will disappear from your menu. Other buildings, such as the Warehouse and Barracks, are multi-build (meaning you can build as many as you wish, limited only to the number of plots you have in your town). These buildings will remain in your menu.

The Cottage is a multi-build. Hover the mouse over the picture of the cottage for a brief description about cottages. Hover the mouse over the build button to see what resources are needed to construct one cottage.

One cottage requires:
  • 100 Food
  • 500 Lumber
  • 100 Stone, and
  • 50 Iron

A cottage will take 1 minute and 15 seconds to construct to level 1. However, Evony have included some free SPEED-UPS for buildings that take less than 5 minutes to construct.

NOTE: The free speed-ups apply BEFORE any constructions buffs have been applied. Appointing a Mayor will decrease construction time slightly. Similarly, the Construction research will also decrease the amount of time to construct a building - the higher the research level, the quicker buildings will complete. Later in the game, a Sawmill may take just two minutes to upgrade to a level 6 (for example) but the free speed-up will NOT be available - simply because the BASE TIME, before any buffs were applied, is a lot longer than five minutes.

NOTE 2: Free speed-ups are available on most buildings, some more than others. Farms can be constructed to level 4 using free speed-ups. Rally Spots and Ironmines only upgrade to level 2 using free speed-ups.

So click to build your first Cottage. It'll appear in your building queue at the bottom of the screen.

The icon next to it says SPEEDUP. Click it to instantly finish the construction. You could also click on the semi-completed cottage and click SPEEDUP that way too.

Construct your cottage up to level 2... well, you might as well. Smile (You can't upgrade it to level 3 until you upgrade your Town Hall to level 3).

Activating further quests
Although it may not appear straight away, you've completed another quest. Open the quest window and claim the award for building your first cottage - you'll get another Amulet - NICE! When you've done this, new quests will be available to you. If you upgraded your cottage to level two, you'll already be able to claim the award for doing so. When claiming THAT award, you automatically complete the quest for increasing your population to 100 - so claim that as well.

All the quests will become available to you as you complete others.

Next, you'll probably want to start increasing your resources.
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Quests and Free Speed-Ups
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