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PostSubject: Resources   Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:39 am


Click the City View Button to get the view of your city.

Buildings here are called the Off-Town buildings, so your menu here is called as such.

Your city will look like this:

You have 13 spare plots of land on which to build. The higher the level of your Town Hall, the more plots available to build on. Here, you can only construct resource buildings:
  • Farms
  • Sawmills
  • Quarries, and
  • Ironmines

I wouldn't get too pre-occupied with the layout of these buildings. It doesn't matter where each go. Just remember the following:

  • Some people build an even number of resource fields. I was one of them. Later in the game it becomes apparant that you will need MANY Farms! Building an even number of resource fields will NOT give you enough Farms to sustain a large army. Myself and a few others learnt that the hard way! Sad
  • Early on, lumber is one of the most-used resources in Evony. Bear that in mind!
  • You can always resort to the demolish button... Wink

Using your free speed-ups, construct at least one of each of the four buildings - in the same way that you completed your cottage. Resources allowing, you may as well upgrade the buildings as follows...
  • Farm up to level 4
  • Sawmill up to level 3
  • Quarry up to level 3, and
  • Ironmine up to level 2

...although you'll probably find that you run out of resources until you can complete the buildings up to these levels.

No matter, claim the awards for the quests that you've completed - resources are usually included in quest rewards. In just doing this, you'll probably have enough resources to finish those upgrades. Once you've successfully completed the Forging quest, you'll open up a whole new set of quests.

In constructing all those resource fields, you may notice that you now have an insufficient population. This happens when your workforce is overloaded - not enough people to carry out the work.

The solution? Build more cottages. There are a couple of other tactics to remedy this, but the basic one is to simply build more cottages, or upgrade existing ones.
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