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 Common Questions Asked by New Players

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PostSubject: Common Questions Asked by New Players   Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:41 am

Common Questions Asked by New Players

Regarding cheats...
Simply put - there are NO cheats in Evony! Anyone in Beginner's Chat saying that there is, is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Others are simply trying to get you to shut your browser down. They're idiots and unfortunately, the world is full of people like these.

Can I sell unwanted items?
Unfortunately, no. You're stuck with them. When it comes to medals though - it's best to leave them in your inventory. They can be tricky to obtain (short of paying real money for them) and you'll need them to progress through the titles and ranks. Many people use them to reward their Heroes, but it's not advised to use them for this in the early stages of the game.

Can someone send me resources?
No one in Beginner's Chat can send you any resources - unless they happen to be in the same alliance as you. Only alliance members are able to transport resources - to other members of that same alliance.

I've seen some information that says alliances that are FRIENDLY can transport resources to each other. This is not true. Alliance A cannot send resources to players in Alliance B. Alliance A can only send resources to other players in Alliance A.

I want to join an alliance!
A lot of alliance members recruit for members in Beginner's Chat. You could respond to one of those statements. However, you won't be able to join ANY alliance until you've built an Embassy. Once you've built one you could browse through the list of alliance and apply to join one. It IS best to join an alliance that is near to you. Take a look at the World Map and check what alliances you neighbours are in. You could always check that alliance list and teleport to the area that they claim to dominate - provided that you have either a City Teleporter item or an Advanced City Teleport item.

I want to demolish a construction. How?
Click on the construction you wish to demolish. On it's picture you'll see a little red circle symbol.

When initially construction a building you may be able to use a free speed-up. When demolishing, there are no speedups to use but demolishing that level doesn't take as long as when you constructed up to that level.

How do you get Honor?
Simple - Attack and win; Defend and win. Successful attacks against other players gain you honor. As does successfully defending against attacks on your cities.

How do you get cents?
The short answer to this is to use real money to buy game cents.

Evony uses United States Dollars (USD) for purchasing game coins. This is what your real money gets you:
  • $5 = 50 game cents
  • $10 = 100 game cents
  • $20 = 200 game cents
  • $30 = 300 game cents
  • $50 = 500 game cents
  • $80 = 800 game cents
  • $100 = 1000 game cents
  • $200 = 2000 game cents
  • $500 = 5000 game cents
  • $800 = 8000 game cents
  • $1000 = 10,000 game cents
  • $1500 = 15,000 game cents
  • $2000 = 20,000 game cents
  • $3000 = 30,000 game cents
So basically, for every $10 you claim 100 game coins.

Current conversion rates (Saturday 23rd January 2010) mean that $10 USD is equal to roughly:
  • 6.20 Great British Pounds
  • 7.08 Euros
  • 11.08 Australian Dollars
  • 10.58 Canadian Dollars
Evony usually run in-game promotions by giving you more for your money if you purchase the $30 package, usually by offering Bonus Packages.

The other way to get game coins is to win them on the Wheel of Fortune using an Amulet. Some quests will give you a few coins as the reward for completing the quest.

Another way is to participate in Evony's iEvony scheme. I'm not aware of the details as I don't participate in this. So if anyone's willing to share the info... Wink

Where the buildings are in Town View, why are the levels indicated by different coloured boxes?

There's no significance in this. It's just makes certain buildings easier to find in a hurry.

How do I get my city to look like one of those bad-ass fortresses?
Simply by upgrading your Town Hall - NOT your Walls as some people think. There are four different appearances for your city.
  • At levels 1-3 it will look like a village
  • At levels 4-6 it will look like a town.
  • At levels 7-9 it will look like a fort.
  • Only at level 10 will it look like one of those "bad-ass fortresses".

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Common Questions Asked by New Players
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