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 The Chatbox and Whispering

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PostSubject: The Chatbox and Whispering   Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:02 am

The Chatbox and Whispering

This is the chatbox:

As you can see, there are six chat channels altogether, but two are NOT operational (the one marked with the moneybag and the one underneath with the green-ribbon-type-thing). So you have four chat channels available to you. From top to bottom, they are:
  • Private Chat
  • Alliance Chat
  • World Chat 1: World Chat
  • World Chat 2: Beginner's Chat

Private Chat
This is where all your whispers to people appear. The only people that can see your whispers are you and the person you're whispering to. If you're whispering to more than one person, the OTHER people will only be able to see your messages to them and not the whispers you're sending to other people. All whispers are pink in colour and free.

In other words, if you're whispering to Tony and Bob, Tony will NOT be able to see anything you send to Bob, nor will Tony be able to see anything Bob sends to you. Similarly, Bob will not be able to see anything you send to Tony or anything Tony sends to you.

More on HOW to whisper in a sec.

Alliance Chat
Alliance chat is where you can chat to other members in your alliance. Alliance chat is blue and free.

World Chat
In World Chat, chatting is NOT free. The text appears as standard black and will cost you a Speaker every time you hit that send button.

To check to see how many you have left, go to MY ITEMS.

There are two variants of World Chat - the normal World Chat which I called World Chat 1 and Beginner's Chat which I called World Chat 2.
• World Chat
This is for all people who are no longer under Beginner's Protection (BP). If you're still under BP, you won't be able to chat here, in which case switch to Beginner's Chat.
• Beginner's Chat
Anyone can chat here - at the cost of a speaker. Remember though, whispering is free.

World Chat and Beginner's Chat are linked though...
• Imagine that Tony is no longer under BP, is quite experienced and chatting in World Chat.
• Bob, on the other hand, is a newbie, still under BP and chatting in Beginner's Chat.

• When Tony writes in World Chat, Bob can see it in Beginner's Chat.
• Bob can reply to Tony's statement in Beginner's Chat, but because Tony's actually in World Chat, won't be able to see Bob's reply unless he jumps into Beginner's Chat.
• Chat from World Chat will appear in Beginner's Chat - but Beginner's Chat (if posted by people still under BP), won't appear in World Chat.

It sounds complicated, but once you get your head around it, it's pretty simple.

So how do I whisper?
Evony have recently modified this so that whispering can be done to people with spaces in their name. Before, this was impossible.

To whisper to someone, you can left-click on their name in the chatbox and this will open a little options box. The name of that person will be displayed at the top of the box so that you've selected the correct person. Select WHISPER in the options and then you can type your message:
In the above image, I have chosen to whisper to the player, agagorn090. As I start to type "hello", the message turns to pink to indicate that it will appear as a whisper:
To skip using the options box, you can simply type: /PlayerName Hello and the player will see this: To [PlayerName]: Hello in the chatbox. In the example below, I used Newbie as an example: /Newbie Hello became To [Newbie]: Hello

To whisper to people that have spaces in their name, such as Newbie Wan, then you must use apotrophies and write this: /'newbie wan' Hello and this will appear: To [newbie wan] Hello

So, basically, you must use the / in front of a player name to whisper to that player, and if a player has a space in their name, then you must put their whole name in apostrophe characters.

You will see a lot of people trying to whisper in Beginner's Chat. They see the initial message about whispering to the Mike character and they end up putting [player]: Mike Hi Dude and it appears for all to see, simply because they forgot to add the / which will turn:
[player]: Mike Hi Dude
into this
To [Mike]: Hi Dude

To make whispering even easier, if you press the UP key on your keyboard, the last chat message you sent will be re-displayed in the typing box and the message will be highlighted (the message and not the player name):
In the above example, I simply need to type another mesage and it will be sent as a whisper to newbie, again. Without me needing to click through the options box OR typing /newbie again.

A word of warning about whispering
Whispering IS free!

BUT it seems you need at least one Speaker in your inventory to be able to whisper. I don't know why, it must be some sort of Evony glitch.

If you have a supply of Speakers in your inventory, then normal chatting in Beginner's or World Chat will slowly decrease your supply. Whispering will NOT see a decrease. But if you have no Speakers to start with, then the game will not allow you to whisper. scratch Go figure!
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The Chatbox and Whispering
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