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PostSubject: Teleporting   Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:58 am


In order to teleport your city, you need an item. There are two types of this item:
  1. City Teleporter
  2. Adv City Teleporter
You will need one teleport, of either type, for EACH city that you wish to move;
And you must click into that city in order to move it.

City Teleporter
You'll receive one of these free in your Newbie's Package. Locate it under MY ITEMS and under the ITEMS tab. Click DETAIL...

... and then APPLY. It says it'll teleport your city randomly - but you'll at least be able to chose the state in which you want to teleport to...

Select which state you wish to move to in the drop-down box and then hit OK.

Adv City Teleporter
This is an advanced teleporter and allows you to specify exact coordinates for your city. You'll need some coordinates in mind for doing this. Perhaps next to another alliance member. Wink

Apply it in the same way as a normal teleporter: MY ITEMS/DETAIL/APPLY:

Input your desired X:Y coordinates, hit OK, and you'll teleport to that exact location. Your desired new area MUST be a flat (as opposed to a hill/lake/swamp etc.), and that flat must NOT be owned by anyone (to check this, click on the flat to bring up the information box. If a Lord name is given, then that flat is already owned and you'll have to choose another).

After Teleporting
Once you've teleported using a normal City Teleporter, you are free to use another if you've landed in an undesirable location.

However, upon using an Adv City Teleporter, as it is deemed a more careful movement and therefore assumed that you've moved to somewhere you WANTED to go, there's a 24-hour cooldown before you can move again.

In EITHER case, after using any teleport, you're not able to send out attacks or reinforcements for 24-hours after teleporting BUT you can still be attacked (I believe), so you may wish to apply a Truce Agreement if you're no longer under Beginner's Protection.

Any valleys you've conquered will NOT teleport with you. You will lose them, so you'll have to conquer new valleys.
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