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 Joining an Alliance

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PostSubject: Joining an Alliance   Fri Jul 17, 2009 6:38 am

Joining an Alliance

For some general information about Alliances, there's a FAQ in the Evony Forums with useful information in it. The part regarding Alliances can be linked through to here: http://bbs.evony.com/showpost.php?p=490724&postcount=2

The alliance you join will become your Evony family. You can chat to these members for free in Alliance Chat. They can send you resources and reinforce your army with extra troops should you be under attack.

But how do you go about joining an alliance? Firstly you'll need to build an Embassy. There's no point shouting out in Beginner's Chat that you want to join an alliance if you haven't first built an Embassy in your city.

Click TOWN VIEW...

Find an empty plot of land and click to access you building menu. Select Embassy.

As you can see, you'll need your Town Hall to be at least level 2 before you can construct your Embassy; And there is no free speed-up available to use on your Embassy as it takes longer than 5 minutes to construct.

However, you do not need an Embassy to access your ALLIANCE menu. Click Alliance...

... to display your Alliance Menu:

Any alliances that have invited you to join them, will issue you with an invitation. These invitations will gather here in this list so you can choose which one to join later, once your Embassy has been built.

Clicking ALLIANCE LIST will simply take you to the list of all the alliances that are operational on your server, ranked - by default - by their prestige.

To create your own alliance, you'll need a level 2 Embassy and 10,000 Gold.

To apply for an alliance without waiting for an invitation, requires you to visit the alliance list and browse through the available alliances. If there's one in particular, such as CATFIVE, type the name CATFIVE in one of the Search boxes and click NAME. This will bring up all the alliances that have the name CATFIVE.

Hit VIEW to see that alliance's details...

... and then click APPLY to make an application to that alliance. Someone in that alliance will then need to approve (or disprove) your application. You can only apply to one alliance at a time in this manner, and your pending application can be viewed in your Alliance Menu, and can be cancelled at any time.

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Joining an Alliance
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