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 What do I have to do first?

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PostSubject: What do I have to do first?   Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:19 am

What do I have to do first?
There is no definitive way to play Evony, but there are some things to do that will get you started.

1. Claim your first Amulet
When you first join Evony, you'll be presented with your Quest Log. Immediately click through to the Daily Quest tab and click the Get Award to claim your first Amulet.

Close the Quest Log.

2. Claim and unpack the Newbie's Package
All new Evony players are given a Newbie's Package which contain a number of items. For more information on HOW to claim this (and other) packages, click through to:
Getting Started with Beginner's Protection and Claiming the Newbies Package
The information you'll specifically need is just over half way down. Look for the Free Packages: section.

3. Apply your Amulet and claim quest rewards as you progress
Apply that Amulet that you claimed earlier. You can claim another as you do so, so apply that one too. Claim any other quest rewards from other completed quests as you progress.
See Quests and Free Speed-Ups for more information.

4. Boost your resources
You'll have received 5 game cents from Evony. You can use these for whatever you like - buy another Amulet if you wish. As personal preference, what I like to use my 5 game cents on in the beginning is resources.

Under your city information box (over to the right), at the bottom of the box below your list of resources, is a button marked, Get More Resources. Click this to open up the Resource Exchange Rate box. Assuming there are some resources for sale, exchange your game cents for some resources - personally, I'd use two cents on Lumber, and one each on Food, Stone and Iron.

With that extra boost of resources, you're now in a position to build some buildings. So get started on the following, using the free speed-ups to get them to the indicated levels:
  • Cottage - upgrade to level 2
  • Farm - uprgade to level 4
  • Sawmill - upgrade to level 3
  • Quarry - upgrade to level 3
  • Ironmine - upgrade to level 2
.For more information see Quests and Free Speed-Ups and Resources.

**Don't forget to claim quest rewards as you progress!**

6. Build an Inn
In Town View, build an Inn. This is to RECRUIT Heroes. You'll need:
  • At least one Level 2 Cottage
  • 300 Food
  • 2000 Lumber
  • 1000 Stone
  • 400 Iron
Use the free speed-up to instantly finish construction.

7. Build a Feasting Hall
In Town View, build a Feasting Hall. This is to HOUSE your Heroes (they need to live somewhere). You'll need:
  • At least one Level 1 Inn
  • 400 Food
  • 2500 Lumber
  • 1200 Stone
  • 700 Iron
No speed-up with this so you'll have to wait it out.

**Don't forget to claim the relevant rewards for constructing your Inn and Feasting Hall!**

8. Recruit a Hero (preferably with a high Politics stat)
Open your Inn (by clicking on it). Here will be listed a Hero that you may recruit. There are some general rules that apply when recruiting Heroes, but for now, anyone will do just so that you can boost construction times and resource production. Click on the Recruit button, twice, to recruit the listed Hero. He, or she, will now appear in your Feasting Hall.

For a wider selection of Heroes, simply upgrade your Inn. You'll have one Hero per Inn Level, e.g. you'll have a selection of five Heroes if your Inn is level 5. The higher the Politics stat of your Hero, the higher the reduction will be in construction times and the more resources will be brought in per hour.

Don't worry. You won't be stuck with this Hero. You can sack him later on if s/he's rubbish!

9. Appoint your Hero as Mayor
To benefit from the reduced construction times, and the resource 'buff' that this new Hero can offer, you must appoint him to Mayor (or Castallan).

Open your Feasting Hall. You'll notice that the status of your new Hero is Idle. Click the button marked Appoint Mayor. By default, if you only have this one Hero, it'll be automatically selected. If not, choose the desired Hero from the drop-down list. Then click Appoint. The status of the Hero now becomes Mayor.

10. Upgrade your Town Hall to Level 2
Now that you're benefiting from (slightly) reduced construction times, click your Town Hall and upgrade it to level 2. No free speed-up available.

11. Build an Embassy
Now that your Town Hall is upgraded to level 2, build an Embassy. You'll need an Embassy before you can join an Alliance. No free speed-up here either.

The best way to get information in this game, is to JOIN AN ALLIANCE!
The best way to get resources in this game, is to JOIN AN ALLLIANCE!

Most alliance members will help their own. They'll be eager for you to build yourself up, so many people will willingly send you some resources to help you with this. The only people who can send you resources are people in your alliance. No one else.

To judge the best Alliance to join is to check your surrounding area in the World Map. Scope out other players around you and see which alliances they're in. If one pops up more than another, that would be your best bet - but check the requirements first.

More information on joining an alliance is available here: Joining an Alliance

And now for that inevitable and shameless recruitment ploy Wink
Consider joining Saber (server 6).
The majority of us are in Bohemia.

Information correct as of Saturday 22nd January 2010, 10:15 server time
Contact ssfgrgawer or mustang.
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What do I have to do first?
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