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 Valleys, Flats, Hills, Forests, Swamps, Lakes, Grasslands and Deserts

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PostSubject: Valleys, Flats, Hills, Forests, Swamps, Lakes, Grasslands and Deserts   Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:24 pm

Take a look on the World Map and you'll see an assortment of Hills, Forests, Swamps, Lakes, Grasslands and Deserts.

As seen above, the appearance changes slightly for different levels.

Collectively, ALL of the above are called VALLEYS. Including Flats.

Conquering valleys allows you to add a buff to your hourly resource production. Hovering your mouse over a valley will tell you how much (in percent) the valley will increase production by.
  • Lakes, Grasslands and Swamps increase Food production
  • Forests increase Lumber production
  • Deserts increase Stone production
  • Hills increase Iron Production
Click on your Town Hall and then click on your Production tab.
Under your Production tab, you'll be able to see what buff you're getting from your Valleys, listed as a Valleys Plus.

Any Valleys you have conqueured will be listed on the Valleys tab.

You don't NEED to leave any troops in a Valley in order to achieve it's buff. Some people choose to leave troops in their Valleys as a means to defend it should someone else try taking it from them. Troops that are left in Valleys consume more food than they would otherwise.

Valleys that level up!
Valleys are ever changing as long as they not conquered.

Whenever Evony undergoes it's daily System Maintenence, when the servers come back online, those UNOCCUPIED Valleys will have upgraded by one level. Those that were level 10, drop back to level 1 and start again.

So it is possible, in an area when there are no free high level Valleys, to conquer some low level Valleys, wait until the System Maintenance is just about to begin, abandon that low level Valley and when the server comes back online, you can reconqueur the Valley you abandoned, and it will be one level higher than before. You MUST abandon it first though, because they only level up if they're UNOCCUPIED!

Here is a Valley - you can see that I've circled the coordinates of that Valley. Notice it's a level 4 Grassland. Also notice in the chatbox, that server maintenance is due at 03:55 server time. The date is 24th January 2010.

Here is that SAME Valley after system maintenance; It's now a level 5 Grassland. Same date! The server just came back online - it wasn't even down for the usual 15 minutes Smile
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Valleys, Flats, Hills, Forests, Swamps, Lakes, Grasslands and Deserts
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