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 All about Heroes

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There's a FAQ in the Evony Forums with useful information in it. The part regarding Heroes can be linked through to here: http://bbs.evony.com/showpost.php?p=490730&postcount=3

Heroes are recruited from an Inn. Once they're recruited, they reside in your Feasting Hall.

The level of your Inn determines how many Heroes are available to recruit.
The level of your Feasting Hall determines how many Heroes you can have in your city.

This level 6 Inn has a selection of six heroes to choose from:

It is advisable to have a minimum of three Heroes per city.

You'll notice the three main statistics per Hero: Politics, Attack and Intelligence.

Politics, Attack and Intelligence
It is advisable to concentrate on improving ONE stat per Hero. In other words have one Hero which concentrates on Politics, another that concentrates on Attack and a third to concentrate on Intelligence. Surplus Heroes can concentrate on Attack if you find yourself employing more than three.

The Hero appointed as your MAYOR will have major impact on the way things are done in your city.

For the most part, you'll want the Hero with the highest POLITICS rating as your mayor. This is because he'll help increase the hourly rate of resources coming into the city. He'll also add a construction buff on buildings and wall fortifications* - decreasing the amount of time to build things. The higher the Politics stat, the more resources come in and the more time is knocked off construction.

*Wall fortifications being those defences in your walls, such as Traps, Archer Towers and Defensive Trebuchet.

The Academy is where your city research is conducted. An intelligent Mayor will decrease the amount of time spent on research - the higher the stat, the more time is knocked off. An Intelligent Hero will also give you better scouting reports when you scout (assuming you've sent him out with your scouts). Sending out an Intelligent Hero out with your troops when you battle - as long at the Intelligence stat is above 70 - increases the chances of a medal dropping during battle.

Appointing an Intelligent Mayor will also be beneficial while engaged in an incoming attack. To quote my source, "you want one that can out-think the attacker".

A Hero with a high Attack stat will not only give you better attack power during battles, but if appointed as Mayor, that Hero will add a buff to troop training times. Troops will train quicker with an appointed Mayor that has a high Attack stat.

Swapping Out or Rotation
The point of having all these mayors is so that you can use them in rotation, or swap them out, when you need them.

As already said, for the most part, you'll want a POLITICAL Mayor. At the point you want to start some research, appoint a new Mayor - an intelligent one. Start your research and enjoy shorter research time, and then immediately swap back to a political one. There's no penalty for swapping out.

When you want to train troops, appoint an attacking Mayor, start the training and them re-appoint your best political person back to Mayor.

Base Stats
When recruiting Heroes, it's best to look at their stats in accordance with their level. Try to find the base stats for that Hero. To do this:
Stat - Level = Base Stat

Let's go back to that Inn example:

The last Hero in the list, Rory, is level 3. His Political stat is 47. His Attack stat is 21, and his Intelligence stat is 20. His base stats are as follows:
  • Politics base is 44 (because his politics stat of 47 - minus his level, which is 3, - gives us 44 as his base)
  • Attack base is 18 (because 21-3=18)
  • Intelligent base is 17
So if Rory was Level 0, his stats would be (P)44 (A)18 (I)17.

Let's now look at Beryl (above Rory). She's level 9. Her Political stat is 51. Her Attack stat is 32 and her Intelligence stat is 50. Her base stats are as follows:
  • Politics base is 42 (51-9=42)
  • Attack base is 23 (32-9=23)
  • Intelligence base is 41 (50-9=41)
So if Beryl was Level 0, her stats would be (P)42 (A)23 (I)41

So, to now compare Rory and Beryl (Political-wise): Yes, Beryl is at a higher level than Rory, but Rory has a better base Political stat. So as a main Mayor, Rory is the better choice even though his level is lower.

It's advisable to look at base stats when recruiting Heroes. Heroes with better base stats will increase their stats much quicker than those already at high levels.

In early days, starting out in the game and looking at Political Mayors, I'd recruit King. His Political stat is already 61. To start out, he'd give me the best reduction in construction times and more resources per hour. But as time went on, I'd give King the boot and recruit someone like Rory.

If I sent Rory out on some attacks, to NPC's, he'd gain some experience. Once he can level up, he can increase his Political stat and overtake King in his stat. Being that Rory is lower level than King, Rory needs less experience to level up, which is why he'd make the better choice - he can level up quicker than King would, meaning that his Political stat would go up quicker.

Looking at the Attack stats, first off, the best choice seems to be King (again). He's already at 44. But looking at base stats, the better choice would be Adam as his base Attack stat is 29.

Of course, you won't be limited to who I've used in these examples. The BEST base stats to look for are 50 and above. Above 60 is excellent.

Going to your Feasting Hall brings up the list of Heroes currently in your employ. Click the View button on any of your Heroes will bring up the Hero Attributes for that specific Hero.

There are two figures listed for Experience. The figure on the left is the current experience gained by the Hero. The figure on the right is the experience cap for the level of that particular Hero. Once Experience exceeds the cap, the Hero can level up and his stats be be increased.

Looking at the example above, this Hero (called Intel); His current Experience is 1126. The cap is set at 12,100 - so once Intel gains 10,974 more Experience, he can level up.

To give another example, the one below, the Experience gained by this Hero does happen to exceed the cap, hence the Upgrade Button is available to use (i.e. it's not grayed out).

By clicking the Upgrade button once, the Attribute Allocating buttons become available:
You may click on only ONE of these little plus sign buttons. This will allocate ONE attribute point per level. You must decide whether to allocate to Politics, Attack or Intelligence. The Upgrade button is now grayed out indicating that the Hero cannot level up further until more Experience is gained.

Notice that this Hero has advanced from level 30 to level 31, and that his Experience has been adjusted accordingly - he now has 58,198 and the cap is now 96,100 - this Hero needs 37,902 more Experience to level up again.

If you click the small green plus-sign icon next to the Experience figures, you'll get the chance to use an item which allows you to instantly give some Experience to your Hero; These items are not free though, unless you've won them on the Wheel of Fortune.

Rewarding you Heroes
Another button available from the Hero Attributes page, is the Reward button. Clicking this will take you to where you can decide what to reward your Hero with.
By default, the reward box starts on Gold, but by clicking on the drop-down menu, you can choose what to reward your Hero with:
  • Gold
  • The Art of War
  • The Wealth of Nations
  • Excalibur
  • Medal
By rewarding your Hero with Gold, you will increase his/her loyalty by 5. The amount rewarded is 100 Gold per level. So, a level 3 Hero would be rewarded with 300 Gold, whereas a level 30 Hero would be rewarded with 3000 Gold. The more loyal your Hero is to you, the less likely s/he is to be captured by enemies.

Rewarding The Art of War will increase that Hero's Intelligence by 25% for seven days. You will need to have The Art of War in your My Items. If you don't, you'll be prompted to purchase one.

Rewarding The Wealth of Nations will increase that Hero's Politics by 25% for seven days. Again, you will need that item in your My Items.

Rewarding you Hero with Excalibur will increase that Hero's Attack by 25% for seven days. Again, you will need that item in your My Items.

Rewarding with a Medal will bring up the box which allows you to select which Medal to award. You can award any Medal you wish but this type of reward is not advisable early on. You'll need your Medals in order to progress through your Ranks and Titles, so it is advised to keep your Medals until your at the highest level Title (Prinzessin). Regardless, rewarding your Hero will increase his or her loyalty - the better the Medal, the more loyalty:
  • Cross Medal - 5 loyalty
  • Rose Medal - 10 loyalty
  • Lion Medal - 15 loyalty
  • Honor Medal - 20 loyalty
  • Courage Medal - 25 loyalty
  • Wisdom Medal - 30 loyalty
  • Freedom Medal - 40 loyalty
  • Justice Medal - 50 loyalty
  • Nation Medal - 60 loyalty
Renaming Your Hero "Queen"
There's some debate as to the usefulness of renaming your Hero (or Heroes) Queen. It doesn't matter if your Hero is male or female, but you have to call him/her Queen (capital 'Q', lower case 'ueen').

In doing so, your Hero becomes highlighted in yellow in your Feasting Hall.

There are a number of threads in the main Evony Forums about this. Some people say that your 'Queen' will receive more Experience. Others say otherwise. I'll list SOME of the threads, but the most useful, I think, is this one: http://bbs.evony.com/showthread.php?t=93747 because it has some responses from Evony Representatives (particularly post #4 on page 1 and post #15 on page 2). I'm assuming that the renaming of your Hero to Queen is something that will be implemented into Evony in the future, but is something that has not yet gone "live".

Those other threads are as follows:
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All about Heroes
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